Bad Mood Diluting SubstanCes.

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I was eating my meal, Ton-don or something (it was a japanese food.). My eating would be very common if  one fact didn't lay there.

It was my third dinner.....

I'm a moderate 20years male homosapien, living on planet called "earth" and just after I were born I was tagged "Thai","Buddish"and many other things. Like every moderate 20years male homosapiens, I eat 3 meals a day(maybe 2or4 once in a while, but normally 3.).For the meal, amount is on average, a good 20 or25 spoons of rice others is according to the restaurant's policy.

While I was nearly finish my thrid dinner, there came a voice in my mind.

"You are angry." 

I was angry.

20.00 It was raining and I'd just finished my class. 19.45 My younger sister called me and told that she and my father will pick me up but I have to walk to the mall. 20.10 I was walking on the footpath that some areas has been changed into swamps, ruining my slippers(They were made by some kind of wood.). 20.45 3 people found out that cars on the road were moving in a same snail's speed, so we decided to wait until the traffic get better. It was 21.45 that we started the engine and 6hours before I was planing tol go back home right after the class and start my own studying.

It was a butterfly effect. Every single event led to one result.  I was angry.

My anger didn't lasted long. I just disappeared together with my food. I could still feel the excess in my stomach, but no more anger.

"You are lucky" she told me.

That day I was in a bad mood but after drinking 330ml Heineken, listening to a copy of jazz and looking at her pictures I felt better and called her, telling the story.

"You know how to handle your anger.I normally can't." 

"I don't think alcoholic is a good way to handle angers." I replied.

"It just once in a while and you didn't drink often, did you?"

"You are right." I told her.

Actually, I drink tea or get some excerises when I have a bad mood. Tea calms me down and working out squeezes things out of my brain. And like she said I once in a while drink.

And my brand new  bad mood diluting substance. Eating. Hope you will not be troublesome.

Good night


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